Helping you chose the change in your life,  harvest your full potential and navigate your personal growth journey. 

Growing Forward

Navigating change with ease

Charlotte’s bestselling book differentiates itself in the genres of self-improvement, self-development and personal development. In her book, Charlotte acknowledges how daunting and overwhelming the experience of making significant life changes can be.

She knows this first hand. 

Charlotte’s pilot career came to an unexpected end following the pandemic when she was unable to return due to physical health issues out of her control. She changed her career trajectory through self-reflection and resilience, learning life lessons and skills she shares in her book.

Charlotte urges readers to deviate from the idea that change is only achieved through sheer willpower and toughness while guiding them on their journey for change through introspection, accountability and openness. 

Let this book shift your perspective and learn how to:

Growing Forward is a practical and comprehensive guide to navigating change positively and constructively. With simple yet powerful and thought provoking exercises you will learn to harness your own unique qualities in new ways. Combining small, easy-to-follow steps with a mindset shift will allow you to increase your self-awareness, identify your personal and professional goals and the necessary steps to achieve them.

Helping you elevate your life

Start your personal growth journey

Australian author Charlotte Hillenbrand writes for people navigating their way through life changes because she has been one of those people. From living and working across multiple countries to changing her career paths across various industries, change is nothing new to Charlotte. 

As an author, speaker, mentor and coach, Charlotte shares her experiences, life lessons and skills with her introspective peers. She is committed to helping people discover their potential and create actionable life goals to ensure personal and professional success. 

Charlotte employs empathy, respect and strength in all areas of her career, which her readers can experience for themselves in her bestselling book Growing Forward – Navigating with Ease. She champions taking small, practical steps that will significantly change one’s life.  

This book is a caring companion you can lean on during difficult phases of your life. Illustrated by stories from her own life, Growing Forward is Charlotte’s outstretched hand to anyone who feels they have lost their way. It takes the pressure off the big questions, leaving you grateful and ready for your next step.

Book Testimonials

Dr Elliot WilsonPsychiatrist and Therapist
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Growing Forward is a sensible and caring companion through difficult phases of life change. It reinforces that change isn’t about toughness and willpower, but about harnessing our unique individual qualities inside of us. The book harnesses the best of positive psychology in a practical guide to bringing about personal transformation and improving our lives.
Michelle HuntingtonAirline Captian, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Coach, Podcast Host
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Is an easy to read, practical handbook on how to deal with, understand and improve life’s challenges and apparent setbacks. I love the “plane speak” and plain speak for it’s no-nonsense approach to dealing with life and the curve balls that come with it. My favourite is Chapter 8, TAKE ACTION – FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE, for its pragmatic approach to acknowledging your strengths, weaknesses, and key attributes. The exercises are practical and “do-able” and the real-life examples Charlotte uses give insight into her career as a pilot. Charlotte has a gift for writing it as raw and real as it gets. A great read which I highly recommend to anyone wanting to take charge of their thoughts and emotions, and to better understand themselves to become their greatest potential.
Dylan LennoxManagement Consultant
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Charlotte has reminded me that we are human beings first, and human doings second. Great personal stories, techniques and tools to help you strengthen your foundations to cope with and embrace inevitable change in life.
Min SwanPresident, Sunshine Coast Business Women’s Network
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My personal mission in life is to live to my fullest potential and hopefully lead by example by not allowing myself to be held back by anything or anyone (even if that is my own self-doubt!). Growing Forward so closely aligns to this mission and reconfirms a lot of my personal views and ways of approaching the world. As you would expect from an airline pilot, Charlotte’s approach is clear, well-structured and logical. It provides a practical path to living to your values, questioning your impact on the world and being all that you can be. It is easy to read, and the exercises are simple yet thought provoking. You will get to the end of the book without realising the transformation that you have just experienced. It is a practical step by step guide that takes the pressure off the big questions and will leave you grateful and ready for your next step. Enjoy!
Ulrika SigerudJudge
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Reading Growing Forward feels like having a personal conversation with the author. The style is warm and approachable and the book provides new insights and perspectives which reach a level of depth that stays with me. I have been inspired by the author’s emphasis on the importance of valuing our own strengths and abilities. This perspective is something I will carry forward in my own leadership. The reminder that significant change can be achieved through small steps is powerful and relevant.
Johanna GittneLeadership Developer, Behavioural Scientist and Author.
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Wow, what a book. I work with neuro-leadership, leadership development and behaviour change, and can say; this book is very helpful. In plain language, it deals with a big subject where people often meet resistance. Many think about changing things in their environment/ business, but few think about changing themselves. The author delivers practical and easy ways to really bring about change. Her own personal stories make everything in the book feel genuine and plausible. It encourages the reader to take on the exercises and their own situation. The book makes me pause and reflect. It all starts with me. I can only take responsibility for my own life and self-leadership. I am reminded of my own promise to never let my fears rule my life but to change what I need in order to live at my full capacity. I warmly recommend this book to anyone who wants to find the best version of themselves.
Carol StewartExecutive Coach, 5 x LinkedIn Top Voice UK, and Author of Quietly Visible
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We all face adversities and challenges in life, but how we respond to them will determine how well or not we get through them. Charlotte uses concepts from psychology and neuroscience, as well as her own experience, to illustrate how we can be our best selves with meaningful lives, even in the face of adversity. She does this in a way that is easy to understand and apply practically. Growing Forward is a well written book, which, if what Charlotte suggests is put into practice, has the potential to transform your life.
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There is much value and insight to be gained from reading this book. What I loved most about Growing Forward is the way Charlotte Hillenbrand gently guides you as the gifted coach she is, it is like having a close friend explain how to transform with ease. Charlotte takes you on a journey of self-discovery from the comfortable seat of being yourself. You will be enlightened by how owning all parts of you; your strengths and the parts you want to hide, enables you to grow forward from a place of empowerment. You will be encouraged to take small steps, dispelling any feelings of overwhelm and be provided tools to coax yourself forward. The book is structured and progresses logically and easily from one section to the next. Charlotte generously shares her own experience in using the explained techniques providing helpful reference, insight and trust. Following years of reading self-help books, from Growing Forward I finally received the guidance and ability to change, and I did!
Trisha BrightExecutive Coach, Happiness & Emotional Intelligence Expert
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Growing Forward is a fabulous book! With a very friendly and approachable feel to it, it is relatable, easy to consume and filled with practical ideas and exercises that are at once effective and very doable. What a wonderful resource for anyone looking for a roadmap for their “what’s next” chapter.
Jane TurnerAuthor Coach and Publishin
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I love the way this book breaks down the process of change using Charlotte’s own experience of transitioning from a career as a pilot to becoming a coach. Charlotte’s approach to communicating the complexities of neuroscience and positive psychology in relation to people’s ability to change is totally refreshing. I’m really grateful to have this book to dip into if I need motivation, inspiration and practical advice at any stage in my journey, especially as I am going through massive positive change for myself and my business.
Lizzie KorsgaardCareer Coach
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Life is a series of changes – and this book may be just the thing you need to learn how to navigate through those changes. And what better way to learn how to navigate than from a former pilot! Charlotte shares her experiences and expertise on how to find the best version of you and become more resilient to overcome any change. Who wouldn’t want that? Worth a read!
Christer AnderssonFounder of the ID Group, Serial entrepreneur
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Read this book! Change is happening around us all the time. Charlotte shares generously from her story and gives us powerful yet simple tools to tackle this change from within. She shows us practical ways to take control of our thoughts so that we may determine our direction of travel and become the master of our own journey.
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