Charlotte Hillenbrand is the lawyer who became an international airline pilot and then an author, speaker and coach.

No stranger to change, having lived in several countries and done a career change once before, when she was forced to do a complete career pivot again this has sent her on a completely new trajectory. After 15 years as an airline pilot, Charlotte has drawn on all her skills and experiences, those that got her into the cockpit of a widebody jet and then out from it with her optimism intact, and written a book that will help people go through change with more ease and new perspectives.

Growing Forward – Navigating change with ease is available here

Charlotte is passionate about human potential. She has coupled this passion with her own experiences, and studies in applied neuroscience and positive psychology, and advocates everyone’s power to be their own agent for change. She loves seeing her clients leave confusion and ‘un-happen-ness’ behind and instead reach clarity, agency and joy.

Charlotte is available as a speaker, mentor and coach.

She speaks about how every individual can access resilience and teaches simple and efficient ways to do that. After working with Charlotte her clients say that they see real, tangible results, are able to take back control and access their best life.

Charlotte grew up in Sweden, has studied at universities in Sweden, USA and France, as well as lived and worked in Germany and Switzerland before settling with her husband and their two daughters on the Sunshine Coast in Australia