Airline Pilot. Speaker. Author.



Charlotte Hillenbrand is the lawyer who became an airline pilot who became a speaker and author. It is as an airline pilot she has spent most of her career, flying throughout Europe and Australia, finishing her pilot career flying the Airbus 330 internationally for Virgin Australia.

Be Intrigued!

Everyone is familiar with airline travel. Few get to see what happens behind the scenes, even fewer get to be part of it.

The life and work of an airline pilot is intriguing. 

With class and warmth Charlotte makes it come alive for her audiences.

Flying High

Charlotte did her pilot training at Ljungbyhed Airforce Base in Sweden, where aerobatics and formation flying were part of the training. This was a time that lends itself to many interesting stories! Her first job as a pilot was flying a passenger jet for a European airline Crossair/Swiss.

She then moved to Australia with her new family and worked for Virgin Australia while raising two daughters.

Speaker Topics

  • Pilot training at an air force base. About the long road to get accepted and then staying the course, about aerobatics, formation flying and ‘dog fighting’.
  • Days of an airline pilot – the days that are good and the days that are not.
  • Stories from the cockpit.
  • A woman in a male world – does it matter?
  • How aviation has changed over time, and the future of aviation.

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